"If stones could speak,
Then London's praise
Should sound for those w
ho built this church
and city from the ground"

The above quote is taken from the foundation stone in the entrance porch at St. Columb's Cathedral in Derry. They were written in 1633 on the completion of the cathedral. If Stones Could Speak is the title of a project currently being run by Greater Shantallow Community Arts and is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. The project is designed to provide a creative platform for digital art writers and artists in the Derry area. The aim is to create new work in the form of an anthology of short comic book stories that will use the city of Derry (especially the walled city) as a backdrop. The idea is to "work local and think global". The final artwork will be published and will act as a legacy and enhance the CVs of all those involved.

Greater Shantallow Community Arts
Founded in 1999, GSCA is a community arts organisation based in the Outer North area of Derry in Northern ireland that aims to provide direct access to the arts within communities. It aims to enrich lives, promote artists, the arts and to promote cultural activity. www.gscaderry.com

Sunday, 28 February 2010

This is another character for my story this guy has no name he is the angal character that gives the hunter the ring and guides him throught his journys so i hope u like it and as i always say let me know what u think.
This is another character sketch one of two brothers. Again the detailing in the uniform was important. This is the initial black and white sketch and will form the multipy layer for the colour version.

A trench background for Distant Fields, one of the stories from If Stones Could Speak. The scene shows soldier fixing bayonets ready for a charge on the morning of the first day of the Battle of the Somme. This is the final colour version.

This is an early colour sketch of the main character from one of the stories to be featured in the forthcoming anthology, If Stones Could Speak. The character is a ghost from the trenches of World War 1. I sourced the reference from a re-emactment website. I thought it was vital to get an accurate details for the uniform, webbing and weapons.

Character ref.

Apologises on the low quality of this scan, I was using loads of different mediums on this page and had to scan it in at different values, plus A3 page A4 scanner, always a handling. But anyway, heres some reference pics ive drawn for me own use of getting to know the character, still not getting  her perfect from all angles but i'll get there.  

Friday, 26 February 2010

Bishops Head

After I stuck up that pic on the right, I really liked it and wanted an attempt at manga studio-ing ( thats definately not a word!) it up. So heres the result......


I'm just going to post to say hello, and to thank Gio for setting this up and getting me involved (though Danny's also to blame for that). As Gio knows I finally got the Headline for the first newspaper article - "Murder amidst the ceasefire". I spent ages trying to come up with stuff that was shorter or snappier, but it fits with locale and history of Derry, and it should prove attention grabbing enough. For anyone reading this who doesn't know what I'm doing for the project, I'm putting together a series of newspaper articles that follow a Jack the Ripper-esque killer at work in a future version of Derry, which has become a booming European economic hub, though the walled part of the city has been left to degenerate into slums, much like the whitechapel area of London that the original Jack carried out his gruesome work. At some point I'm going to get round to writing a timeline from nowish to the point at which the story occurs, as I've been putting a fair amount of thought into the backstory of the city, and it deserves to get mentioned somewhere, perhaps a few faux biographies of notable figures in the fictional history, but that'll have to wait until I've perfected the first page - which will hopefully be done by the end of the week.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Colour study

The edges of this mite be a bit dodgy cause its the foreground of a bigger pic, some photoshop erasing took place. Really enjoyed colouring this piece, and am quite pleased with the result.

Monday, 22 February 2010


This is our main character, he really shouldn't be but hes un-named, I'm using my own likeness. In this piece I'm just trying out the digital inking, plus some dramatic shadows. This is the first thing I've pencilled by hand then inked using manga studio so let me know what yous think as im undecided as to which method ill be using for the final artwork. 

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Bishops Gate

This was a  quick inky sketch I done a few weeks back when myself and Danny where firing around ideas for what were going to do, story wise. Doing alot of  character stuff at the minute and their mostly on friends, so expected a barrage of head shots shortly!!


This is the HUNTER..... it might be the way the main character looks in my story when he becomes the hunter not to sure yet just trying it out tell me what u think still coming up with new ideas so he might look completely different by the time im finished.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Hello and welcome!

Hey people, Gio here- from ye olde blog of the 2Dcollective- I've been meaning to post some stuff recently on the 2d blog, but everything Im working on is for a new project. So i decided it would probably be a good idea to have a seperate blog to document the creation of the up and coming book-"If stones could speak" (working title). All of the stories are set in the picturesque Walled City of Derry/L'Derry, the home place to all but one of the contributors. The book will display a range of story telling, content and different art work, across the six stories.Hopefully over the next few days we'll be joined by the other contributors and hopefully some followers too.

I'll be posting some of my preliminary character studies tomorrow so stay tuned, and if you come across this blog and like it, why not follow it (just to your right there) and sure go on, tell yours friends as well!

Oh, and please comment, critism is always appreciated.