"If stones could speak,
Then London's praise
Should sound for those w
ho built this church
and city from the ground"

The above quote is taken from the foundation stone in the entrance porch at St. Columb's Cathedral in Derry. They were written in 1633 on the completion of the cathedral. If Stones Could Speak is the title of a project currently being run by Greater Shantallow Community Arts and is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. The project is designed to provide a creative platform for digital art writers and artists in the Derry area. The aim is to create new work in the form of an anthology of short comic book stories that will use the city of Derry (especially the walled city) as a backdrop. The idea is to "work local and think global". The final artwork will be published and will act as a legacy and enhance the CVs of all those involved.

Greater Shantallow Community Arts
Founded in 1999, GSCA is a community arts organisation based in the Outer North area of Derry in Northern ireland that aims to provide direct access to the arts within communities. It aims to enrich lives, promote artists, the arts and to promote cultural activity. www.gscaderry.com

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Process ( Well attempt)

I always really like to see the process's taken by artists to get to there final piece, so I thought i would attempt one myself. Deciding to do this has been quite helpful in itself, which i'll explain why in a mo... this is how i came up with my establishing panel-

The Great thing about doing a story set in your home town is that you dont have to come up scenery, its already there. And i knew that the first thing I wanted to show was the city itself, and so came this little ugly thumbnail!!
I had a good idea already that I wanted to view the cityside from across the water, so i found myself camera in hand over by the train station, but couldnt get the "widescreen" shot that i wanted.........

...got these up by the roundabout at and was then able to make a better rough draft....

Because I hadnt decided to do this process piece until after i finished the final I've inked over the the final pencils....

As I was saying about it helping me, well seeing the inks scanned, I've went a bit too mad with the hatching and it looks messy, especially considering it will be smaller on print it will look even worse. I took 5 minutes literally and through in some colour for definition and it did seem to work but I would really like some opinions lads, so please feel free to rip the back out of it!!

So there it is, maybe an unsuccessful pic but its a process peice none the less, hope I didnt bore you too much.


  1. its not bad just a little to much going on a wee bit more simplicity goes a long way sometimes and maybe differnet shadow tones instead of all black to give it a bit of depth.

  2. Yeah, think im going to try just an outlined one, i can add everything else digitally, really glad i done this-made me realise i Balls up!! Ive done the whole first page in a simpler style too. Ah what can you do, better realising now!

  3. dont cut yourself up about it its still good u can still recognis all the buildings and things its just the simpler style might work better.